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Economy Inn
Arcadia, FL 34266 US
The Arcadia Opera House, built in 1906, is a museum and enormous antique shop. It houses an amazing collection of historical items and the theater is in near original condition. Several paranormal investigations have taken place there and the Opera House is a well know haunted location.
Canoe Outpost-Peace River was first called Canoe Outpost of Arcadia when founded in 1969 by Tex and Donna Stout. Charlotte Bragg took over in 1978 and the company was called Peace River Canoe Outpost. Becky Bragg became owner and president in 2001 and incorporated under the name Canoe Outpost-Peace River which had been the marketing name for years. Becky, her son, brother, and nephew still own and run the business today. Canoe Outpost-Peace River is a member of the marketing family called Canoe Outpost.
Our mission is to provide a permanent loving home to unwanted exotic pets, non-releaseable wildlife, and endangered species. We are also a rehab facility for injured and orphaned native wildlife. Lions, Tigers and Bears Inc. believes that education about animals and their connection to the environment are the keys to conservation and the future of the world.

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